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Corporate Solutions to Keep Your Business Moving

You need to move at the speed of business, and then some, in order to compete in today’s marketplace. Let Toshiba’s masters help you with:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safeguarding privacy
  • Managing massive amounts of paper documentation
  • Quick search and access to records
Print Management
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Faster Document Processing

Document management becomes more manageable with electronic routing and workflow. Employees can do their work more efficiently, and collaboration between colleagues becomes easier. Often, companies don’t realize how much time they’ve been wasting processing documents. Let Toshiba’s masters show you how you can:

  • Eliminate the manual inefficiencies of paper
  • Speed up the internal and external documentation process
  • Safely store all documentation to protect against liability

Enhance Communication with Digital Signage

We can help you whether you have a public area you want to use to impress potential clients, or you want to improve internal communications. Maybe you want to achieve both. Toshiba’s Ellumina digital signage solutions can help you with all this and more, including:

  • Corporate branding and messaging
  • Self service kiosk for visitor check-in
  • Wayfinding to help visitors navigate their way
  • Employee communication and training
  • Emergency alerts with instructions


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Improve Regulatory Compliance

Our experts can conduct an assessment of all processes to uncover areas of vulnerability. Toshiba’s team will make recommendations for you so that users will not be able to circumvent established workflows or access sensitive information they are not cleared for.

Go Green. Save Green.

Never own another printer, pay only when you print, and save more money by printing less with Toshiba. We can help your corporation manage its print environment and reduce its environmental footprint. We’ll get your corporation, large or small, going green.
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